Long-term ownership was critical for UK market leader




Interview with Steve Lees, A.T.E Solutions

When the UK company A.T.E. Solutions was looking for a new owner, the requirements were clear. B&B’s corporate culture and aim to be a long-term owner were critical for the former owner. The aim now is to continue growing through acquisitions and a broader market.

A.T.E. Solutions is a market-leading supplier of automated testing equipment in the UK. The company was founded 1988 and has successfully combined applications with service. A.T.E. Solutions is now one of the few companies that provide a complete test solution for checking circuit boards, which are often a critical component in many products. Customers include manufacturers with high demands on testing in areas such as the defence, aviation and power industries.

Integrity and honesty
When A.T.E. Solutions was looking for a buyer, the choice fell on B&B, mainly due to B&B’s aim to engage in long- term ownership combined with a corporate culture that was similar to its own.

Steve Lees, Technical Director and former head owner of A.T.E. Solutions, says it is B&B’s integrity and honesty that he likes best. This creates a simple relationship between A.T.E. and B&B, he says, where they know exactly where they stand.

– The deal was well received by our employees, who can now see a future with the company due to the acquisition. There haven’t been any major organisational changes since the takeover, but one major advantage of being part of B&B is that we will be able to continue growing through additional acquisitions, says Steve Lees.

More markets
A.T.E. Solutions is one of the few companies that provide a complete test solution for manufacturers. This includes the design and build of A.T.E. systems, fixturing, test soft- ware, servicing and legacy equipment support.

Testing that the signals in a printed circuit board work correctly is absolutely critical for a product’s functionality, such as in an aeroplane. A manufacturer that designs a technologically advanced product requires A.T.E.’s testing equipment to ensure that the embedded printed circuit board works as intended. A.T.E.’s testing equipment can check, for example, that a printed circuit board reacts when stimulated from a side system. Some equipment can test signals with a mix of analogue, digital or

high current stimulation. Moving forward, the goal will

be to continue strengthening the business unit’s leading posi- tion in the UK, and to bring A.T.E. Solutions’ complete offering to more markets.


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