The leading niche supplier of productive, safe, and sustainable solutions

Our goal is to be the leading niche provider of productive, secure, and sustainable solutions. Our solutions should promote sustainable development, increase safety, and improve productivity for our customers.

Earnings growth of at least 15 percent and profitability over 45 percent per annum

We have set financial goals, including an average earnings growth of at least 15 percent per year over a business cycle and a profitability (Profit/working Capital) of 45 percent. These goals are aimed at generating cash flows that will enable us to finance organic growth investments, provide returns to our owners, and grow through company acquisitions. Our decentralised model allows our subsidiary companies to develop their own goals, strategies, and operational plans based on their potential, while still adhering to agreed targets.

We believe that sustainability is a prerequisite for long-term competitiveness and that profitability, value creation, and social benefit should go hand in hand. Our subsidiaries have set goals to constantly develop new solutions and products towards a more efficient use of resources, including material selection, logistics solutions, and increased reuse and recycling. 

Freedom, simplicity, efficiency, and openness 

At Bergman & Beving, our values and company culture are integral to our success. We are a decentralised organisation that empowers our employees to make decisions close to the customers and market. Our management model is based on goal management and four core values: responsibility and freedom, simplicity, efficiency, and openness to change. We believe in behaving with integrity and being perceived as good role models, while also taking responsibility for sustainable value-creation. 

100 years of experience in acquiring and developing sustainable, profitable businesses

Our strategy is built on over 100 years of experience in acquiring and developing sustainable, profitable businesses. We aim to achieve leading positions in current through organic growth and acquisitions and new niches through acquisitions. Our portfolio of companies is focused on expansive niches within the industrial and construction sectors where productive, safe, and sustainable solutions are in demand. We prioritise long-term growth and have a decentralised management model to acquire and develop sustainable, profitable companies.

Bergman & Beving has a strong and niche-oriented portfolio of companies, where each company strives for leading positions in its product areas. The products are aimed at expansive niches within the industrial and construction sectors where productive, safe and sustainable solutions are in demand. We build our companies for the long term with a decentralised management model, acquiring and developing sustainable, profitable companies in the long term.

Furthermore, we strive to combine the benefits of small, agile organisations with the professionalism, breadth, and experience of larger businesses. Our focus model is used to balance profitability and profit growth, and our decentralised management model allows each company to design its own strategies and goals. Companies that are internationally competitive can evaluate organic or acquisition-driven international expansion.

History of creating shareholder value

Bergman & Beving was established in 1906 by Arvid Bergman and Fritz Beving. Despite facing challenges such as two world wars and economic fluctuations, the company has stood the test of time and was listed on the Swedish stock exchange in 1976. Decentralisation and acquisition have always been a key part of the company's DNA, and as it has grown over the years, Bergman & Beving has spun off several successful companies, including the Lagercrantz Group and Addtech in 2001, and the Momentum Group in 2017, which is now a part of the listed company Alligo. Today, the total value of the companies with roots in Bergman & Beving is close to SEK 100 billion.