Making a Real Difference: Our Partnership with Hand in Hand

At Bergman & Beving, we're all about making lasting changes and helping out where we can. That's why we're working with Hand in Hand, focusing on helping communities in Kenya grow through learning about business and green ways of working.

Our Work in Kenya

We've committed to helping a village in Kenya by teaching around 250 people how to set up and keep their businesses running. We're aiming to help start 175 businesses and create 228 jobs by 2026. We're paying special attention to helping women, because when women do better, the whole community benefits.

"Research shows women usually put back 90% of what they earn into their families. This not only helps the family but the whole area around them", says Magnus Söderlind, CEO at Bergman & Beving.

Why This Project?

Doing business is one thing, but we want to do more. This project fits right into our goal to make the world a fairer and healthier place. We're not just giving money; we're sharing skills and opening up new chances for a brighter future for everyone.

"I believe strongly in the power of business to bring about fairness and take care of our planet. This project shows how committed we are to making a difference", says Magnus Söderlind.

 Our Progress and What We've Achieved

We're keen to show you what we've managed to do together. From training workshops to starting up new companies, we'll tell you all about the challenges overcome and successes achieved.

Supporting this effort means we're also helping achieve the United Nations' goals for a sustainable future, proving that when we work together, we can create a better world.

About Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand has been making big changes in the economy since 2003, helping start over five million businesses and creating over nine million jobs. They're checked by Svensk insamlingskontroll to make sure all donations are used properly.

To learn more about Hand in Hand, please visit their website.
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