Industrial Equipment

The Industrial Equipment division consist of leading companies within industrial equipment, supplies and services. The backbone of the division is to serve the industrial sector, and the ten companies operate in several sub industries, such as:

  • Industrial Machinery & Automation
  • Hardware & Supplies
  • Energy Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment & Instruments
  • Trading Companies & Distribution

To balance the pursuit of leadership in the division's core industrial equipment business with growth in adjacent expansive niches the division constantly develop the portfolio of products, services and companies. The division has an active acquisition agenda towards current and adjacent expansive niches to tailor the division's offerings to specific industries, in pursuit of higher profit margins and a boost in total shareholder return. Recent significant deals include Polartherm, a leading player within powerful, mobile heaters for the industry, construction, aerospace and defence industries.

Our companies

Industrial Equipment

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A.T.E. Solutions is a leading player in the UK within the automated testing market. The company’s primary offering is its modular FLEX functional test systems. The modularity in the product together with customised applications and fixtures creates an unmatched flexibility and reduced complexity for its customers.

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Belano Maskin, founded 1957, has the strongest range of machinery for the Swedish sheet-metal industry. The company offers high quality sheet-metal machinery from 330 to 880 tons and from 3 to 7 meters in length.

Germ is a Swedish specialist company providing products and solutions for industries with a need to handle lubricants and fluids. Germ is a leader in the Nordic region and offers a range of handling products for oil, grease, diesel, and other liquids. Their primary strength is their knowledge of customised systems for safe oil handling.

Albretsen, established in 1995, is a leader within tool tethering for the oil & gas and the construction industries. After decades of active development and collaboration with workplace safety teams, they have set the standard that is today known and accepted by the Nordic industry’s major companies and stakeholders.

Lidén Weighing know a lot about weighing. The company offers a strong range of standardised weighing systems, scales, and components for weighing applications. Lidén Weighing offers quality products, a cost-efficient distribution and competent service.

Luna Group is a leader in tools and supplies in the Nordic region and their product offering is top ranked among the region's premier construction and industrial retailers. Luna Group's product department administers over 500 product brands daily from international premium suppliers. With real-time updated data on over 100,000 items, Luna Group serves its partners with industry-standardized product information regardless of interface, EDI or e-commerce solution.

Maskinab Teknik AB is a leading supplier of tools and machines for sheet metal processing in Sweden. The company has achieved its strong market position through extensive knowledge of technology, leading products and a flexible service organisation. Customers are mainly Swedish industrial customers.

Polartherm is the leading provider of mobile heating solutions in Northern Europe. They have developed and manufactured heating solutions in Finland for over 40 years and is acknowledged by military forces operating in cold and harsh environments. They have delivered over 15 000 heaters for customers such as the US Air Force, Canadian Army, Finnish Defense Forces, and Republic of Korea Armed Forces, thus meeting the difficult and demanding requirements in extreme environmental conditions.

TengTools offers premium hand tools in stationary and mobile storage solutions for workshop and industrial workers. With the innovative modular hand tools concept Get Organised, the company creates a safer and more efficient work environment for both users and organisations. TengTools has a good international presence with customers in over 30 countries.

Uveco is a comprehensive supplier of tools for the sheet metal industry. The product range includes proprietary products as well as products from market-leading manufacturers sold through local and national retailers.

Retco is Finland's leading player within mechanised and automated welding technology for the general industry. The company has a deep knowledge in the welding field and is a leader in its niche in Finland.

Tema Norge is a leading player in Norway within orbital welding and mechanised welding technology. With long experience in the field, they assist their customers with advice in connection with material selection, choice of welding method and filler material, optimisation of processes and other welding and material technology issues.

Sandbergs i Jämtland AB is a niche supplier of products for liquid handling. For more than 30 years they have delivered fuel tanks, liquid handling equipment, pumping equipment and other related products to customers in industry, the public sector, and construction.


Orbital Fabrications is the UK market leader in orbital welding, specialist welding and assembly of gas and liquid handling systems. They are specialists in the field of manufacturing high purity stainless steel pipework, manifolds, and control systems for hydrogen management. Their support services include comprehensive in-house design, through to test and validation, including in house helium mass spectrometry for leak detection.



CASE: Polarther's protective warmth


With its powerful mobile heaters, Polartherm keeps important equipment from freezing in locations like Alaska, Greenland and the South Pole. The company has been part of Bergman & Beving for some time now, which has created several advantages according to CEO Pasi Anttila.

Since the company was founded in 1974, Polartherm has focused on keeping personnel and equipment from freezing. The company designs, constructs and manufactures mobile heaters for the industrial, construction, defence and aviation sectors. The US Air Force and the Canadian Army have been Polartherm customers for several years, so delivering heaters for demanding purposes has become one of the company’s specialities.

All of the metal components for their heaters are manufactured in Polartherm’s plant in Luvia, on the west coast of Finland, and this local connection is important for Polartherm.

“We’re a responsible employer. Our employees live close to the plant, and we want to be able to offer them valuable benefits and be an important part of society,” says Polartherm’s CEO Pasi Anttila.

Bergman & Beving first took notice of Polartherm around two years ago, after which the acquisition process began.

“So far, we’re very pleased with the decision to sell to Bergman & Beving. They encourage their companies to have their own processes, systems and work methods, and to act independently, and we appreciate their support,” says Pasi Anttila.

Polartherm sees acquisitions as one way to grow in the future. The company also plans to develop new products for its existing customers, creating value for the company and for customers.