We like to keep things simple - ABC

Our companies operate with a high degree of independence. We believe this is the foundation for nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit. This allows a high degree of freedom and accountability for each subsidiary’s management team, and for business decisions to be made close to the customers and markets.

We do not impose synergies, instead we inform management teams about synergy opportunities but leave it to the companies themselves to decide which ones to pursue. 

Companies we acquire have a proven track record in their market. However, we believe you cannot have the luxury of being passive and not being willing to change. We believe that companies are best managed through on-going gradual development, rather than sudden, drastic changes.

There are many companies buying industrial companies but there are several reasons why should you choose to sell your business to Bergman & Beving.

We believe we have pointed out some of our advantages in the deal process. But what really matters is what happens with the companies after the deal is made. 

We summarise our model in A, B, C.

§ Autonomy 

§ Buy and Hold 

§ Culture

Autonomy as a key performance driver

We have a decentralised structure and do not seek to take over the day-to-day operations of our companies. We believe business decisions should be taken as close to the business as possible.  

Our companies operate with a large degree of autonomy in all matters related to running their businesses. What we equip them with from a central level is reporting, goal-setting methodology, and performance objectives. 

But based on that framework, it is up to the companies’ individual managers to run their companies as best they can and with full responsibility.

“I believe our biggest competitive advantage is the way we are structured. The business decisions are made by talented people who know more about their business than I will ever know. They get very devoted to the businesses, and run the companies as if they were their own.“

 - Magnus Söderlind CEO Bergman & Beving

Buy and hold

We strive to be a great permanent home for companies that join the Bergman & Beving family. As perpetual owners, we care deeply about the long-term health of the employees and customers of our businesses. Business-decisions are taken by the companies. But in today’s world, a company has to do a lot more than business decisions. For such situations, Bergman & Beving has a profound experience with a proven toolbox to support companies in their development. All members of the management team have solid operational experience in developing companies operationally and many years of experience in corporate development through board work. 


Bergman & Beving has over the years developed a corporate culture which is based around certain values. Generally speaking, we believe in unleashing the employees' driving forces and energy. We have a decentralised organisational model and an entrepreneur-driven culture, where strategic and operational decisions are made close to the customer. 

We believe that companies are best managed by a management with a high understanding of the business, the product offering and the customers' processes. Therefore, we want to see business-driven entrepreneurs who take full accountability and develop the company with freedom and simplicity and who affirm the need for sustainability and the equal value of people. 

Given our focus on niche industrial businesses, many of our companies encounter similar problems and opportunities. Therefore, we spend a lot of time and energy in sharing relevant experiences within the Bergman & Beving family.

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