Compensation Committee

The Board's Compensation Committee has the task of proposing remuneration to the President & CEO for the Board's approval, to decide on remuneration to the other members of the Group's executive management and to prepare proposals for any incentive programs. The guidelines for the determination of remuneration and other terms of employment for the President & CEO and other members of the management are determined annually by Bergman & Beving AB's Annual General Meeting.

The Compensation Committee consists of Chairman Jörgen Wigh and Board member Malin Nordesjö.

Audit Committee

The Board's Audit Committee is responsible for analysing and discussing the company's risk management, governance and internal control as well as financial reporting. The committee has contact with the company's auditors to discuss, inter alia, the focus and scope of the audit work. In connection with the adoption of the annual accounts, the company's external and internal auditors report their observations from the audit and its assessment of the company's internal control.

The committee includes all the Board members. The Audit Committee Chairman is the Chariman of the Board Jörgen Wigh.